Study in Poland

Studying in Poland

  • The extramural studying for the period of two years, courses take place twice a month during the weekend: Saturday, Sunday, which allows combining the studying and work.
  • Possible employment after six months of studying: The students willing to work and gain practical skills in parallel with studying will be facilitated in searching for a work.
  • Getting the European diploma, which allows working in the EU states, with the knowledge of language of the country, where you plan to work, this diploma is valid and allows for the employment.
  • Facilitation in employment, the best students are provided with the workplace.
  • The training is conducted on the beauty products of the leading brands which allows getting a positive experience in the selection of the beauty care products for the future work.
  • The studying is conducted in Przemyśl which allows for the quick and convenient commuting: train, car, bus or walking. Aid in searching for the accommodation during the studies: We cooperate with the hotels and hostels with the affordable prices.
  • The cost of studying is 300 EUR
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