Depilation courses


The depilation courses are a perfect offer both for the practicing specialists of the beauty industry and for the people in the search of interesting and perspective work. These services allow extending the services specter, as depilation is the procedure which becomes increasingly popular among the fairer sex and otherwise. Possessing the skills of wax and sugar depilation you will find many new and interesting clients, since the removal of unnecessary hair from the body became natural in the modern world. Most women treat this procedure as the daily and necessary one from the hygienic point of view. There are plenty of depilation methods but, unfortunately, most of them are associated with pain. And, in fact, in most cases during arranging the first depilation procedure, I hear:“Is it painful?”Noteworthy that most of the women who tried this procedure with a good specialist once, do not hesitate to come again. The depilation shall be considered the beauty procedure which allows feeling comfortable in any situation, the body becomes ideally soft and magnificent without irritations. After our courses you will get perfect skills, 100% of practice and will be able to start working right away. Lately, the depilation procedures with a more long-lasting effect became increasingly popular, therefore, at our courses we study popular depilation methods: with the wax – waxing, and with sugar-sugaring. When choosing the depilation method it is important to consider the individual reasons of pilosis: The hair structure, density, thickness, skin sensitivity: These methods are applicable to all areas: The upper lip, arms, legs, bikini, arm-pits. And what is most important – it allows always feeling comfortable either at office in the skirt, or on the beach in the swimsuit. Teaching to the wax depilation is conducted with the use of the Depilflax Italy products – this is the wax on the basis of the pine resin with the addition of natural oils. We also practice on the wax and products by Italwax (Italy) and Depileve (Spain).We practice all body sections on the models: Legs, arms, bikini, arm pits, face. The sugar depilation is conducted with the use of Alexandria (USA) paste. We practice all body sections on the models: Legs, arms, bikini, arm pits, face. Thus, do not hesitate, the choice is yours! It’s always interesting to study.
The wax depilation, sugar depilation (sugaring). Studying period is 2 days. The curriculum consists of the theoretical and practical parts. Theoretical part:
  • hair,
  • composition and growth phases,
  • the reasons of pilosis,
  • types and methods of depilation,
  • the depilation indications and counterindications,
  • the preliminary skin preparation,
  • the care methods for the skin after the depilation and prevention of possible complications,
  • The preparations and consumable materials during the depilation
Practical part:
  • Work with different areas: Arms, legs, arm pits, bikini, mustaches, glitter-tattoo (patterns)
Studying period 2 days. The cost of studying is 3,200 UAH.