Cosmetology courses


The classes are conducted according to the personalized schedule: morning, day and night hours. The Beauty Therapy Courses include the classes in mastering the skills of all beauty procedures for the face and body, mainly: Different massage techniques, cleansing, peeling, care for any skin type, body care and different types of depilation. The students are provided with the beauty care products and studying materials. For the studying process only the beauty care products of the leading brands of the beauty therapy are used:
  • Dr.Spiller (Germany),
  • Algologie (France),
  • Gerard’s (Italy),
  • Natinuel (Italy),
  • Academy (France),
  • Anesi (Spain),
  • Styx (Austria).
The schedule will be made individually, the morning, day, night hours are possible. Individual teaching approach, maximum 2 students in a group. If you missed the class for a weighty reason, we give the possibility to work it out. Before they start their work, our students have a possibility to get new knowledge at the training workshops of different beauty therapy brands. The tuition fee is paid according to the Contract, in parts, crediting is possible. The students may get the discounts for purchasing the beauty products and materials for their future work. After graduation, our students may always ask any questions they have in connection with their work.
Aesthetic Beauty Therapy. Studying period 2 months. The curriculum consists of the theoretical and practical parts. Theoretical part:
  • Fundamentals of the Normal Anatomy and Physiology of the Skin and its Appendages (5 hours),
  • Fundamentals of Dermatology (4 hours),
  • Ordinary Beauty Therapy (2 hours),
  • Specialized Beauty Therapy (2 hours),
  • Machine Beauty Therapy (2 hours),
  • The Philosophy SPA (2 hours),
  • The Science of Nutrition (1hour),
  • The Herbal Medicine (1hour),
  • The Aromatherapy (1hour),
  • The Theory of Massage (2 hours),
  • The Depilation Methods (2 hours),
  • The Anti-cellulite Techniques (2 hours),
  • The Peeling Classification (2 hours),
  • The Asepsis and Antisepsis (1 hour).
Practical part:
  • Machine Beauty Therapy (3 hours),
  • SPA care for Body and Face (3 hours),
  • Massage Techniques in the Face Aesthetics (8 hours),
  • The Wax and Sugar Depilation (8 hours),
  • The Anti-cellulite Wrapping (3 hours),
  • The procedures of Chemical, Fermental, Mechanical and Ultrasound Peeling (8 hours),
  • The Face Care Procedures (8 hours).
The cost of studying – 13, 500 UAH.
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