Wax depilation

Wax depilation ideally suits for the dark, abundant and coarse hair. For bikini, arm pits and upper lip the wax is used based on the pine resin with the addition of natural oils (Depilflax, Italy).Right after the procedure, all pain disappears and you can easily return to your business. For the arms and legs the hypoallergic wax is used on the basis of the synthetic polymers and it fits even for the most sensitive skin (Perron Rigot, Italy).The effect of the smooth skin lasts for 2-3 weeks, and afterwards only small amount of hair grows, which becomes thinner and weaker from one procedure to the other. The counterindications to this procedure may be: the vessels disorder – varicose veins (the effect of warm wax), different skin diseases. The relative counterindication is pregnancy, as under this condition all painful feelings should be minimized, but if the pregnancy is without any complications, this procedure may be suitable, even before the delivery.
70 UAH