Body mesotherapy

Body mesotherapy is an efficient method of fight with cellulite and other body defects. During the procedure, administer special pharmacological agents – cocktails for the mesotherapy. The body mesotherapy resolves many problems, with which only the plastic surgery could deal recently. The mesotherapy indications are: cellulite, skin flaccidity, wrinkles and other age changes, excess weight, swellings, dehydration of skin, increased pigmentation, cosmetic defects (scars, stretch marks, stitches, couperosis). Advantages: high efficiency and durable result. You can notice first changes after 2-3 procedures. Another particularity of this method is safety, as the administered quantity of the agent is small, that is why it significantly influences the natural processes in the organism only by accelerating metabolism and lipolysis. There is no necessity of rehabilitation and staying hospitalized. This procedure is so safe and minimally invasive that it can be taken without tearing yourself away from everyday affairs. The course is of 4-12 procedures, one-two times per week. It can be combined with massages, wraps and other device-based body methods.
1200 UAH