Face mesotherapy

Face mesotherapy is a treatment- therapeutic procedure, directed to the overcoming a number of aesthetic skin defects. This is an administration of agents in different layers of skin with aesthetic or therapeutic goal. Indications for such procedure: evidences of photo- and chrono aging, dermatodyschromia, pitted acne scars, treatment of skin. Thus, the face mesotherapy eliminates surface wrinkles, reduces the evidences of deep wrinkles, prevents skin dryness, gives skin tone and tightness, evens skin color at pigmentation and also strengthens vessels in case of couperosis, treats manifestations of acne. The vitamins with microelements, aminoacids, enzymes, as well as agents which improve blood circulation, stimulate production of collagen and elastin and also other active components, which will influence the solution of certain aesthetic defects, make part of the mesococktails. The effect lasts for several months. If necessary, the mesotherapy may be taken by a course once per half a year. The procedures course is selected individually , in general – 4-8 procedures once per week.
900 UAH