The face massage

Different massage techniques are selected individually according to the skin needs. Classical cosmetological, plastifying, lymphatic massage and aromamassage, each of them has its characteristics and has the indications and counterindications. Due to the massage the skin blood supply becomes more intense, the skin color becomes healthier, the oxidation-reduction processes are intensified and massage will give you the unforgettable relax minutes. The massage developed by the association of the Italian plastic surgeon will be a cherry on the cake. Patented by Gerard’s and called GYM, because it is real face gymnastics. The procedure involves the work of both the work of the client and the Beauty Therapist. The massage technique is aimed at work with the facial muscles. This massage methods is considered non-surgical facelifting. After the course of procedures the atonic skin magically becomes elastic and fresh. The recommended course consists of 6 procedures 1 per week.
300 UAH