Alopecia treatment

Your hair may be beautiful at any age and any season. Millions of women from around the world suffer from alopecia. This is frequently the consequence of the hormone level reduction, in particular, the estrogen which protects the hair roots from the impact of the male hormone – testosterone. By the age of 40 the level of estrogen reduces and testosterone increases. This may lead to the unfavorable consequences: The hair becomes thinner, falls out prematurely, the scalp starts appearing. For many women who faced this problem the hope emerged. The research department of Dr. Kurt Wollf in cooperation with the dermatologists from one of the German universities elaborated the phito-complex preventing the negative impact of testosterone on the hair roots. The patented formula is called Plantur 39 and is based on the coffein and active phito-components, preventing the negative impact of testosterone and preserving the growth of hair during the menopause. The vitamins and minerals in the composition of medicines strengthen the protective properties of hair, nourish its roots with the nutrients. Other components of the medicines improve the scalp condition and renew the healthy hair length. The same problem appears for the men. Much testosterone is good for a man but is destructive for his hair. The testosterone influences the hair roots and leads to the premature alopecia, and this is how it starts…To solve the problem the male line Alpecin was elaborated. For the treatment and prevention of alopecia the mesotherapy is widely used – this is the injection of medicines based on the vitamins, growth factors. The course consists of 4-12 procedures 1 per week. Can be repeated twice a year.
200 UAH