Beauty therapy of the problematic skin

During the teenage years the skin creates many uncomfortable situations. Usually, people with such type of the skin quite frequently change the care measures, since they consider that those are not appropriate for them. In despair, they start washing their faces with the soap, wiping them with the spirits. Such care does not solve the problem, but only aggravates the situation, leads to the complete dehydration of the skin. The home and salon care should be systemic and consistent. The key objective is to renew the hydro-lipid balance, stabilize the sebum secretion, reduce the inflammation, improve the general condition of the skin. Such patients visit the salon 1 per week. The salon care shall be bases on the cleaning which shall alternate with the care procedures for the hydro and lipid process renovation. At rest, peeling will be the procedures of the choice. Out of the machine beauty therapy the following procedures will be efficient: d’arsonvalization for the inflammation reduction, ultrasound phonophoresis with the injection of sebo-regulating serums, cryotherapy.
600 UAH