Chemical peeling

Peeling is the most efficient procedure for the skin awakening, cleaning and stimulation. From medical point of view, this is the method of cosmetologic controlled skin polishing which provides for the skin surface abrasion. It is performed using the acids, ferments, laser or ultrasound. And gives the following effect: Rejuvenating effect (takes away a grid of the small wrinkles, reduces the size of deep wrinkles) or treatment effect in case of acne, post-acne (enlarged pores, scars), hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture. The result depends upon the qualified and professional approach of the Beauty Therapist to the procedure, as he/she should select a method of peeling, determine the depth of the effect with regard to the physiological and anatomic peculiarities of the skin condition of a person, select an appropriate home care. The result depends upon the procedure and season, the best time for the peeling and complications prevention is Autumn, Winter, early Spring. The number of procedures for the best result is selected individually: From 4 to 12 procedures. The most popular peeling is: Almond peeling, salicylic, glycolic peeling. At the beauty market, Natinuel (Italy) is the leader, their peeling procedures are easily endured and bring only the positive results.
650 UAH