Face cleaning

Cleaning with the use of Dr. Spiller (Germany) products – this is not a mere cleaning – this is the skin treatment with nature, care for its beauty. This is the whole philosophy, in which the products are selected step-by-step, which makes the procedure not traumatic, i.e. without any negative consequences for the skin. Cleaning and restoration are provided with the herbal gel and tonic. The application of these preparations will allow preventing the development of inflammatory processes, comedones, eliminates different types of skin impurities, normalizes the sebum secretion. Deep cleaning is conducted using the cream pilling with jojoba – takes away the dead skin cells, stimulates the cellular activity, intensifies the blood supply, boosts the efficiency of the other components. Traditional steaming is painless and without the excess temperatures. Here the ampules for the deep cleaning are used, its effect: The opening of pores, softening of comedones, with this the facilitation of the elimination of excess skin fat. The stabilization is provided with the ampule of propolis and vitamin A: Regeneration, the epidermis regeneration, antibacterial effect, the pores-narrowing effect. If necessary, the California mask may be applied which has a powerful healing effect, takes away the reddening after the cleaning and restores the skin barrier function. And final mask is the mask for healing the acne and its consequences. Has the anti-inflammatory and pores-narrowing effect, has the cooling effect which provides for the perfect skin tonization. And propolis cream as a dessert – to prevent the inflammations, normalization of the sebaceous glands; regenerates and restores the skin. Such cleaning is a relaxation for your skin. The procedure frequency – greasy, combination skin – 1 per month. Normal, dry skin 1 per 2 months.
650 UAH