The Anti-cellulite therapy

This care method is selected individually for each patient. This can be either a warming wrapping, which facilitates the quick weight loss, elimination of toxins, reduction of body parameters, from the Austrian company Styx. One more wrapping is wrapping with algae. This procedure will give you the ideal skin purification, body relaxation, harmonization of the emotional condition and conciliation, and afterwards will fill each cell of your skin with the minerals, and your body – with the feeling of freedom, and soul – with the warmth and joy. At first we clean the skin with the special scrub which cleans the skin deeply, at the same time moisturizing it. Then, with the massage movements, we apply the mixture of algae which mineralize the skin, moisture it and efficiently fight with the fat depots. The procedure finishes with the application of cream with the anti-cellulite effect. All stages of care include the natural components for the skin renovation, making it soft, smooth and silky. Indications: Excessive weight, cellulites, reduction of body parameters and body shaping. Counterindications: Pregnancy, lactation, the thyroid disorders, allergy, gynecological diseases. The course of the procedures is selected individually 6-15 procedures, 2-3 times per week
550 UAH